About me

My name is Rita, I am Portuguese and I was raised in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, a small city from the northeast of Portugal, famous for its rock engravings from the Paleolithic, the fabulous wines from the Douro and for its beautiful almond blossom trees.

At the age of 15, after a great loss in the family, I saw my life packed in a truck, going towards Lisbon, where I finished my studies and started working.

In 2012, my boyfriend challenged me to embark on an adventure to leave Portugal and move to Switzerland, where we have lived since then, now married, with our daughter Alice and our cat Noé. A kind of Wonderland, where we are building our own history.

The initial project to launch my blog came in between this relocation, but the lack of structure, linked to the adaptation time needed and new routines, showed me that it was not the moment to do so. Inevitably, the Blog left the menu.

Because life plays tricks on us and delays our plans, in 2017 I finally feel ready to tell my stories, converted into weekend recipes, family lunches or dinners with friends – a portrait of the happy moments that I usually spend between pots and pans and share with those around me.

Cooking has been my great passion since I was a child: from the fictitious recipes, served by the cook I imagined to be, I went to make real birthday cakes (with the help of my dear Kiki, who taught me, around 9 years old). At the age of 12, I tried to organize my sister’s 16th birthday and that was when I realized that I loved planning group meals and create new recipes.

I am strongly influenced by the traditional Portuguese Gastronomy, which I consider very rich at all levels. Nonetheless, I also have the curiosity to taste and cook the world in its different flavors. I like to think I inherited my mother’s traditional style of cooking, but I learned to season like my father.

I will associate small notes or stories to my recipes, as a way to complement them. I believe these notes/stories end up being my kitchen’s and my project’s basic ingredient.

This is the little (but much) of me that I want you to know, in this “little corner” under construction.

Please, feel free to share your recipes and stories with me. I will be happy to recreate them.