Once upon a time, there was a project of a little corner under construction…


Welcome to my Blog and to my first post, the first of many that I want and I hope to share with you.

Yes, this is another food blog, eventually no different from many others you know and I follow/admire myself. Still, this is mine! A project with a few years that, out of shyness and lack of guidelines, is only now born.

I like to think that this Blog will be some kind of writing memory of my kitchen, more than a description of what I cook there. I want to make known what excites me most when I cook, the stories and the recipes passed from one person to another, from generation to generation. I want to go from the oldest recipes and the influence of the people I have been observing in the kitchen, to the recipes with the most daring flavors, modern recipes, with vivid colors and other techniques (sometimes lacking some).

Out of respect for all authors who are also my source of inspiration, I will, whenever appropriate, refer to their recipes; books; magazines; TV shows, etc.

You can count on me every Sunday (and exceptional posts) where I will tell you the stories of my kitchen, without hurry nor kcal counter. With the same pleasure, feel free to share your stories.

Thank you so much for being here with me.

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